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The Vidarbha Cricket Association (VCA) will be hosting the Group B multi-day matches of the U-16 Vijay Merchant Trophy in the League phase of the tournament at three grounds in Nagpur. Group B of the competition comprises six teams --- Karnataka, Bengal, Arunachal, Goa, Saurashtra and Jharkhand. The first round of matches gets under way on Thursday (Dec 1-3). The following is the schedule:

Dec. 1-3, 2022:

Jharkhand vs Karnataka (VCA stadium, Civil Lines)

Arunachal Pradesh vs Bengal (Kalamna Ground)

Goa vs Saurashtra (VCA stadium, Jamtha)


Dec. 6-8, 2022

Arunachal vs Goa (VCA stadium, Civil Lines)

Jharkhand vs Saurashtra (Kalamna Ground)

Bengal vs Karnataka (VCA stadium, Jamtha)


Dec. 11-13, 2022

Bengal vs Jharkhand (VCA stadium, Civil Lines)

Goa vs Karnataka (Kalamna Ground)

Arunachal vs Saurashtra (Lady Amritbai Daga College Ground)


Dec. 16-18, 2022

Bengal vs Saurashtra (VCA stadium, Civil Lines)

Arunachal vs Karnataka (Kalamna Ground)

Goa vs Jharkhand (Lady Amritbai Daga College Ground)


Dec 21-23, 2022

Arunachal vs Jharkhand (VCA stadium, Jamtha)

Karnataka vs Saurashtra (Kalamna Ground)

Bengal vs Goa (Lady Amritbai Daga College Ground)


Kindly note that the Vidarbha team, which has been placed in Group A along with Haryana, Himachal, Kerala, Manipur and Chandigarh, will play their league matches in Cuttack from Dec 1-23, 2022.

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