VCA Jamtha Stadium

As the city expanded and the areas surrounding our stadium witnessed construction activities and as international matches were held regularly at the Civil lines stadium, parking of vehicles was a big issue. Also, there was felt an imminent need for a larger stadium having facilities of international standards. Thus in 2004 Mr. Shashank Manohar, the then President of our Association, taking a very bold & visionary approach decided to construct an international level stadium at Jamtha, 16 kms from our present Civil Lines stadium. Once again this proposal was met with skeptism, yet Mr. Manohar's decisiveness saw through the construction of the Jamtha stadium, now considered as one of the best international cricket venue and stadium. In 2008, Jamtha stadium hosted its first international Test Match between India and Australia.

A few notable features of the Jamtha Stadium are:

  • Total Capacity - 44904.
  • Corporate Boxes - 39 boxes with sitting capacity of 15 each.
  • Members Stand - with a capacity of 2715.
  • State of art Press box - capacity of 187 with advanced technology and hi-tech facilities.
  • Entry Gates: 13 numbers of gates for easy approach to 4 stands.
  • East Stand - 6 bays with total capacity of 16347.
  • West Stand - 5 bays with total capacity of 13608.
  • North Stand - 3 bays with total capacity of 3777.
  • South Stand - 8 bays with total capacity of 11172.

Till now Jamtha Stadium has hosted:

  • 6 Test Matches
  • 12 T20I
  • 3 IPL
  • 4 Women's ODI
  • 2 Woman's T20I