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VCA is starting training activities of its various age group teams. They have obtained written permission from the Nagpur Municipal Corporation for the same. The training will be conducted in three parts

  1. Batting training at its indoor batting facility
  2. Bowling in nets
  3. Fielding practice in small groups. Different teams have been allotted different time slots to ensure that all safety protocols are followed.

VCA will scrupulously follow all guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures recommended by the local authorities and the BCCI. To oversee all medical protocols as required by BCCI, VCA will be appointing a medical officer. The Medical Officer will also educate the players and the support staff on the protocols to be followed. This will be done by means of a webinar as well as physical instructions to each group. All the players, coaches & support staff have undergone COVID-19 Test. Only those who have been found to be negative will be allowed to join in the training. The players are also properly instructed to maintain all safety norms even when they are not in the training camps. All the playing and training areas have been properly sanitized and use of sanitizer, gloves and masks will be implemented.

The training camps will be supervised by the Coaches, Physios, Trainers of VCA. Vice President & Chairman CADC Mr. Prashant Vaidya will oversee the entire process.

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