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For VCA Members:

1. Each member is entitled to 1 free ticket of the members stand.

2. Each member has an option to buy 4 additional tickets of any denomination.

3. A member can swap his members ticket with any ticket of lower denomination than the rate of members stand ticket.

4. One person will be allowed to carry 4 members’ cards for procuring their tickets. In case of a member, he can purchase/collect tickets for 4 other members apart from his member ticket.

5. The members’ ticket sale will close on 17th September 2022 at 5:00 pm and no tickets should be issued thereafter. 

For General Public

1. The ticket sale for general public will commence from 18th September 2022 and will be strictly on online platform Paytm app at “insider.in”.

2. 4 tickets will be available per login.

Corporate Boxes:

1. Sale of Corporate boxes will be offline.

2. Each Corporate will be sold as one unit.

3. No individual tickets of the corporate box will be sold separately.

For Students:

Vidarbha Cricket Association has reserved 4400 tickets in the East Stand (Ground floor, Bay A, B & C) for school students only. The tickets have been priced at Rs 100/- per ticket.

Kindly note the terms & conditions for this sale as under:

1. Students can book tickets only through their respective schools.

2) The list of students, duly authenticated by respective school Principals, has to be submitted along with the school ID of bona-fide students.

3) Every 20 students must be accompanied by one Teacher/Caretaker, who will be responsible to take care of the students.

4) The commencement of sale of tickets to school students will begin on September 16 from Bilimoria Pavilion of VCA, Civil Lines, Nagpur. It will be strictly on first-come first-served basis.

5) While entering the stadium, a copy of the letter from the Principal along with the students’ School IDs should be produced at the turnstiles.

6. Any misrepresentation will be a punishable offence.

Tickets for Differently Abled:

1. VCA has reserved certain seats for the differently abled. 

2. Tickets will be available to them on production of their Govt.ID or Certificate Proof.

3. Such persons who are wheelchair bound would be allowed one attendant.

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